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Dave Stewart Leads the Circus in ‘Every Single Night’ – Premiere

Singer presides over cast of misfits, and Martina McBride

Circus freaks and acrobats abound in Dave Stewart’s new video for “Every Single Night,” which also features backing vocals from Martina McBride. Stewart, formerly of the Eurythmics, plays a  knife-throwing ring leader who commands the big top while side show acts look on in between bouts of tomfoolery. 

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“I suppose I’ve lived most of my life as a kind of ringmaster in a circus,” Stewart tells Rolling Stone. “In this video I became the ringmaster for real and it felt good so I’m sticking with it.”

The guitar-heavy song includes fanciful keyboards that lend themselves to a carnivalesque sense of wonder in the video, which is a nod to Federico Fellini’s La Strada

The song is on Stewart’s upcoming album Lucky Numbers, which came out September 30th and is available on iTunes

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