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Cool Kids Cover Snoop and Skee-Lo at Old School Lollapalooza Show

If the enthusiastic hometown reception for the Cool Kids is any indication, hip-hop’s future is firmly rooted in its past. Harkening back to an era of two turntables and a microphone — and adding one more mike for good measure — the tag-team MCs rhymed playful raps for the everyman. There were no hype men or brand-name call-outs — just catchy refrains, solid beat-boxing and an undeniably good rapport between Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks. The pair told jokes and shared a story about Magic Johnson, then celebrated summer with a medley of Snoop Dogg, ODB and Skee-Lo hits. Arm-waving fans mouthed the words to the Kids’ “A Little Bit Cooler,” “Black Mags” and “What It Is” as if the tracks were already old-school scripture.

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