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Coldplay’s Chris Martin Comes Clean

Hear what the singer and guitarist jonny Buckland had to say on a recent visit to Rolling Stone’s office

Wrapping up their U.S. tour and preparing for a string of dates abroad, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and guitarist Jonny Buckland dropped by the Rolling Stone office in New York to field a barrage of random questions from the staff.

Martin, ready for whatever we threw his way, went on about everything from his childhood taste for Phil Collins (his first album was But Seriously) to riding in Wayne Coyne’s pickup when Coldplay performed in Oklahoma. “His life there is extraordinarily weird and fantastic,” said Martin. “He lives next door literally to pimps.”

While Coldplay now has to deal with their reputation as “biggest band in the world” — their latest release, X&Y, has already sold more than three million copies — Martin admitted that he still can’t get over their success.

“We feel very much humbled by the fact that we can even play [in America], and we’re happier that we got bigger and bigger,” he said. “But we still feel like one of those fish that swim beside a whale and just get flicked off.” A serious Michael Jackson fan, the singer added, “We haven’t done anything better than ‘Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough.'”

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