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Chris Brown Releases Drake Diss Track

‘I Don’t Like’ remix references bottle-throwing

chris brown

Chris Brown performs at Rockefeller Plaza in New York.

Debra L Rothenberg/Getty Images

Two weeks after the wild nightclub brawl that left at least eight people injured, Chris Brown has released a remix of Chief Keef’s track “I Don’t Like,” featuring a freestyle verse with a few words taking aim at Drake.

The rhymes include references to the primary mode of destruction in the brawl (“They throwin’ bottles, I’m throwin’ models”), aspersions cast on Drake’s courage (“This head up, my bread up, one on one, what you scared, bruh?/ Matter fact, take care bruh, you a pussy n***a”), and unkind commentary on the Canadian rapper’s facial features (“Them eyebrows, man, them shits is yikes”).

The remix, which was released today through DJ Orator’s blog, also includes a new verse from the Game. 


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