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“Chinese Democracy” Leaker Arrested on Suspicion of Violating Federal Copyright Law

Remember back in June when those nine possibly Chinese Democracy-bound Guns n’ Roses songs leaked? At the time, the man who admitted leaking them, Antiquiet blogger Kevin Skwerl, told Rock Daily “If legal proceedings come my way, I’ll face them 100 percent. I’m not afraid of that. I did what I did, and I’ll face the music if I have to” after a meeting with the FBI. Skwerl (real name Kevin Cogill) will face the law, as he was arrested this morning at his Culver City, California home for suspicion of violating federal copyright laws. According to the FBI, Cogill admitted to posting the songs when questioned. Cogill is set to appear at the U.S. District Court today, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Craig Missakian.

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