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Song You Need To Know: Charly Bliss, ‘Capacity’

Indie-pop band turns in a catchy, smart synth anthem for twentysomething burnouts

Bubblegum bridges don’t typically offer dissertation-worthy sociological commentary, but that’s what you’ll find in “Capacity,” the brand-new single from Brooklyn-based indie pop-rock band Charly Bliss. “I was raised an East Coast witch/Like doing nothing’s sacrilegious,” Eva Hendricks sings, condensing a generation of over-scheduled middle-class upbringing into a few short pop hooks. “Triple overtime ambitious/Sentimental, anxious kid.”

On “Capacity,” the quartet slows down the tempo and dials down the Nineties guitar fuzz from their 2017 breakout, Guppy. The result is a graceful synth-pop meditation — part twentysomething anthem, part catchy confessional — that couches its larger point in Hendricks’ razor-sharp self-analysis. “I’m at capacity,” Hendricks sings, simultaneously surrendering to and celebrating a lifetime of millennial burnout. “I’m spilling out of me.”



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