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‘Bye Bye Macadam’ by Rone – Free MP3

Daily Download: Rone, 'Bye Bye Macadam'


Timothy Saccenti

Artist: Rone
Song: "Bye Bye Macadam"
Album: Tohu Bohu

"Among all the tracks from my album Tohu Bohu this is probably the most spontaneous and quickest one I made. I remember coming back from a bad day in the studio… the kind of day where nothing works. I came back home, feeling a bit down… I had a few drinks with my girlfriend and then I turned on my laptop," Rone tells Rolling Stone. "I started recording her voice, just for fun. Then I added a little gimmick… and the track naturally came together in a few hours. I finished it half drunk, for the first time ever I even added my own voice in my music. Then the next day I got up, hungover, and I listened to the track… and actually liked it."

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