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Busta Arrested Again

26 year-old Busta Rhymes and his business manager, Gerald Odom
(25), were picked up in New York City for third degree criminal
possession of a loaded, unregistered, .45 caliber, semi-automatic
handgun | in an open bag and marijuana in Odom’s pants pocket.

On Sunday night, at 11:30 Busta had been pulled over for driving
erratically, including making three unsafe lane changes, in a ’95
Mercedes on 11th Avenue, near 18th Street, in Manhattan’s Chelsea
neighborhood, when the contraband was found.

Despite the prosecutor’s requestfor a bail of $3500, the pair
was released on Monday morning, on their own recognizance, and a
court date was set for January 28th. Busta Rhymes has no criminal
record, but, if convicted, could face up to seven years in jail.


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