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Bruce Springsteen to Cover Suicide on Limited-Edition EPs

Bruce Springsteen, Liars, Primal Scream and many more will celebrate the 60th birthday of Suicide’s Alan Vega with covers of the punk icon’s songs for a set of limited-edition vinyl EPs. On July 28th, Springsteen — who has long professed his love of the synth-punk duo — will appear on the first of the twelve EPs, performing the non-album single “Dream Blue Baby.” That 10” vinyl will have a limited run of only 4,000 copies, though each of the monthly EPs will also be released digitally. Each EP is also backed by an unreleased Suicide/Vega live track along with a cover of a Suicide song by a smaller, up-and-coming act. Peaches, Primal Scream and Grinderman will also participate in the EP project. Additionally, Suicide will also release a six-disc document of their infamous live sets later this month.


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