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Britney Spears: The Complete Photo Timeline and Cover Stories

In the current cover story, Vanessa Grigoriadis examines the tragedy of Britney Spears, a star whose downward trajectory from chart-topping international superstar to hospitalized object of curiosity is more stunning considering how high Spears’ career soared just a few short years ago, and how quickly she careened out of control. To illustrate the evolution of Spears from child star to teen-pop sensation to paparazzi magnet, Rock Daily has assembled a photo timeline of her life and posted her six previous Rolling Stone cover stories from April 15, 1999, May 25, 2000, September 13, 2001, December 6/13, 2001, October 3, 2002 and October 2, 2003. To watch all twenty-four of Spears’ music videos, click here.


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