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Britney Goes to Court (Sort of), Prays at Church, Eats Empanadas, Loses Visitation Rights

With visitation rights for her children on the line, Britney Spears showed up at the Los Angeles Country courthouse yesterday. The only problem, though, is that she didn’t actually step inside the building. After finally appearing several hours late, Britney, with henchman Sam Lutfi and her married paparazzi manfriend Adnan Ghalib, circled the parking lot a few times in a black Escalade, giving the sea of paparazzi ample time to swell up. “Move back, I’m scared,” Britney pleaded to the cameramen, who have amazing walking-backwards abilities, and then ducked back into her SUV and hightailed it back to the 101 Freeway. And that was Spears’ day at court. Next stop: the Little Brown Church.

The Little Brown Church is a 24-7 place of worship in the San Fernando Valley that boasts that “its doors are always open.” Once Spears showed up, however, the doors were promptly locked, forcing the paparazzi to shoot video through the windows. Inside the church, Britney, Lufti and Ghalib wrote notes and inserted them into the prayer box. Later investigation of the prayer box revealed that one of the notes read “Dear God, please give Britney back her kids,” to which God reportedly replied, “I didn’t invent the judicial system for you to shit all over it, and besides, I preferred ‘Popozao’ to Blackout.” Sadly, an actual conversation with God would be one of the less surreal aspects surrounding the whole Spears dilemma. After church, Britney opted to take her newfound faith and get empanadas from the Gaucho Grill instead of going back to court. Feeling satiated, Brit and crew felt they would be better served just going home than fighting for custody in court. At day’s end, the court had ruled: Britney visitation rights had been suspended indefinitely until at least the next hearing on February 19th, giving Spears a little over a month to get her act together. It was a weird day, a day that featured three wardrobe changes, a man wearing a dollhouse as a hat holding a press conference and Britney mysteriously choosing to shop at a CVS instead of her beloved Rite Aid.

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