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Bloody Beetroots and Greta Svabo Bech, ‘Chronicles of a Fallen Love’ – Premiere

Italian dance-rocker packs sharp synths in new collaboration

Italian electro-rocker Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, a.k.a. Bloody Beetroots, joins forces with Faroe Islands singer Greta Svabo Bech on the new single, “Chronicles of a Fallen Love.” In it, Bech coos an ethereal verse that builds and combusts into an onslaught of laser synths. The fitting video follows a young, burlap sack-wearing couple as their love blossoms over soda-bottle fights, Gallagher-esque melon bashing and plenty and plenty of dancing.

“‘Chronicles’ is a way for me to bring a new perspective to pop and dance music in my production,” says Rifo. “The song is unexpected and melodically beautiful – as beautiful as the singer, Greta. Her vocals, as well as the composition, have the power to evoke many emotions.”


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