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Bjork Disses Bob Dylan, Plans Tour

“Sometimes the recording of the album is just the beginning,” says Bjork when asked about her upcoming world tour, which has her trekking across Europe for the outdoor festival circuit. “You don’t know which song is going to grow and change after being played very, very many times.” The live versions of the songs from her awesomely experimental new disc Volta may very well sound different when she circles back to play the Austin City Limits in September. At the fest, Bjork will share the stage with none other than Bob Dylan, which got us talking about whether she’s excited to share the stage with the big man. Not so much: “I’ve never really gotten into him,” she says. “His voice is too nasal. And it’s like literature music. Quite boring three-chord structures serve as a bed for words. I’m too much of a music lover for that to happen.” This isn’t the first time the sprite has expressed her distaste for rock music, but dang! Them’s fighting words! We sooo predict a Bjork-Bob smackdown. You heard it here first.


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