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Bill O’Reilly Responds Nas’ Fox Protest, Calls Rapper “Vile”

Following Nas’ protest outside of Fox’s Manhattan television studios last week, conservative host Bill O’Reilly took a few jabs at the “vile rapper” on his TV show. Responding to Nas’ accusations that Fox is racist in their news coverage, O’Reilly calls Nas a hypocrite for “peddling the N-word to his audience of children and young adults.” The host also claimed the controversial rapper was only protesting the channel for the sake of publicity because his new album Untitled is “a bomb, a disaster, a catastrophe” (even though it debuted atop the Soundscan charts last week). O’Reilly also took shots at any media outlets that covered Nas’ protest, calling them “corrupt.” As for actually discussing whether or not his channel’s new coverage is racially biased, O’Reilly failed to address the issue.

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