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Beck Names His “Dumb-Ass Party Record”

Beck Names His “Dumb-Ass Party Record”

Details about Beck’s sixth album have been posted on his official Web site, (www.beck.com). Officially dubbed Midnight Vulture, the record will be in stores on Nov. 16. The musician has also unveiled the titles of six songs: “Sexxlaws,” “Milk and Honey,” “Debra,” “Hlwd. Freaks” and “Mixed Bizness.”

In addition, he has recorded “This Is My Kru” as a B-side for the first single “Sexxlaws,” which will be in stores Sept. 24. Beck, who recently backed out of the Artist Direct First Annual Online Music Awards on Oct. 7 due to prior commitments, is said to be firming up a brief club tour in the hinterlands of California beginning next month.

He confided to NME last year that this record will be “a dumb-ass party record,” instead of making a weighty, end-of-the-century reflective opus. “I wanna come out with a party record, ‘cos essentially life is silly.”


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