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Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra Saluted in Massive Box Set

Seven-disc set will include material soul artist recorded in 1970s with symphonic backing band

American soul singer Barry White (1944 - 2003) with his backing group Love Unlimited whilst in London for a tour, 15th March 1977. From left to right, Glodean White, née James (White's wife), Barry White, Diane Taylor and Linda James.  (Photo by Malcolm Clarke/Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

American soul singer Barry White (1944 - 2003) with his backing group Love Unlimited whilst in London for a tour, 15th March 1977. From left to right, Glodean White, née James (White's wife), Barry White, Diane Taylor and Linda James.

Malcolm Clarke/Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Barry White’s seminal work in the symphonic soul genre will be highlighted on a massive, seven-CD box set, Love Unlimited Orchestra: the 20th Century Records Albums (1973-1979), out March 29th on Mercury/UMe. The label will also release vinyl LP reissues of three albums from that era, along with two from Love Unlimited, the White-produced female vocal trio.

After working as a songwriter and producer in the late Sixties and early Seventies, White signed with 20th Century Records in 1973, issuing his debut solo LP, I’ve Got So Much to Give, that year. During that era, he led and conducted the 40-piece Love Unlimited Orchestra as his backing band. The group released seven albums under their own name for the label: 1973’s Rhapsody in White (featuring the chart-topping hit “Love’s Theme”), 1974’s Together Brothers and White Gold, 1975’s Music Maestro Please, 1976’s My Sweet Summer Suite, 1978’s My Musical Bouquet and 1979’s Super Movie Themes — Just a Little Bit Different.

Rhapsody in White, White Gold and My Sweet Summer Suite will all be reissued individually on vinyl, along with Love Unlimited’s 1972 debut, From a Girl’s Point of View We Give to You… Love Unlimited and their 1974 record, In Heat. The albums on the box set were remastered from the original analog tapes for the first time since their initial release. The five vinyl LPs were cut at Abbey Road Studios and pressed onto high-quality 180-gram vinyl.

Mercury/UMe launched a White reissue campaign in 2018 with box sets compiling the late singer’s remastered solo albums and singles with the label.

Love Unlimited: From A Girl’s Point Of View We Give To You… Love Unlimited [vinyl LP]

1. “I Should Have Known”
2. “Another Chance”
3. “Are You Sure”
4. “Fragile – Handle With Care”
5. “Is It Really True Boy – Is It Really Me”
6. “I’ll Be Yours Forever More”
7. “If This World Was Mine”
8. “Together”
9. “Walkin’ In The Rain With The One I Love” 

Love Unlimited: In Heat [vinyl LP]

1. “Move Me No Mountain”
2. “Share A Little Love In Your Heart”
3. “Oh I Should Say, It’s Such A Beautiful Day”
4. “I Needed Love – You Were There”
5. “I Belong To You”
6. “I Love You So, Never Gonna Let You Go”
7. “Love’s Theme” 

Love Unlimited Orchestra: The 20th Century Records Albums (1973-1979) 

CD1: Rhapsody In White [also available on vinyl LP]

1. “Barry’s Theme”
2. “Rhapsody In White”
3. “Midnight And You”
4. “I Feel Love Coming On”
5. “Baby Blues”
6. “Don’t Take It Away From Me”
7. “What A Groove”
8. “Love’s Theme”

 CD2: Together Brothers

1. “Somebody’s Gonna Off The Man”
2. “So Nice To Hear”
3. “Alive And Well”
4. “Find The Man Bros.”
5. “You Gotta Case”
6. “Killer’s Lullaby”
7. “Theme From Together Brothers”
8. “Getaway”
9. “People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today (instrumental)”
10. “Somebody’s Gonna Off The Man (instrumental)”
11. “The Rip”
12. “Stick Up”
13. “Dreamin'”
14. “Killer’s Back”
15. “Do Drop In”
16. “Killer Don’t Do It”
17. “Here Comes The Man”
18. “Dream On”
19. “Honey, Please Can’t Ya See”
20. “Can’t Seem To Find Him”
21. “People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today”

CD3: White Gold [also available on vinyl LP]

1. “Barry’s Love (Part I)”
2. “Satin Soul”
3. “Always Thinking Of You”
4. “Power Of Love”
5. “Spanish Lei”
6. “You Make Me Feel Like This (When You Touch Me)”
7. “Only You Can Make Me Blue”
8. “Dreaming”
9. “Just Living It Up”
10. “Just Like A Baby”
11. “Barry’s Love (Part II)” 

CD4: Music Maestro Please 

1. “Bring It On Up”
2. “Makin’ Believe That It’s You”
3. “I Wanna Stay”
4. “Give Up Your Love Girl”
5. “You’re All I Want”
6. “It’s Only What I Feel”
7. “Midnight Groove”
8. “Forever In Love” 

CD5: My Sweet Summer Suite [also available on vinyl LP]

1. “My Sweet Summer Suite”
2. “Strange Games & Things (Original Long Version)”
3. “Blues Concerto”
4. “You, I Adore”
5. “Brazilian Love Song”
6. “Are You Sure”
7. “You’ve Given Me Something”
8. “I’m Falling In Love With You” 

CD6: My Musical Bouquet 

1. “Don’t You Know How Much I Love You”
2. “Stay Please And Make Love To Me”
3. “Hey Look At Me, I’m In Love”
4. “Love You, Ooh It’s True I Do”
5. “Whisper Softly”
6. “Enter Love’s Interlude”
7. “Can’t You See” 

CD7: Super Movie Themes – Just A Little Bit Different

1. “Theme From Superman”
2. “Theme From King Kong”
3. “Night Fever”
4. “Grease”
5. “Intermission”
6. “Theme From Shaft”
7. “Theme From A Summer Place”
8. “The Way We Were”
9. “As Time Goes By”
10. “People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today”


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