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Ariana Grande Slams Piers Morgan for Derogatory Female Nudity Comments

“I use my talent AND my sexuality all the time because I choose to. Women can be sexual AND talented,” singer says

Ariana Grande performs at Wango Tango at Banc of California Stadium, in Los Angeles2018 Wango Tango - Show, Los Angeles, USA - 02 Jun 2018

Ariana Grande slammed Piers Morgan for his derogatory comments directed at her, Ellen DeGeneres and Little Mix.

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Ariana Grande took Piers Morgan to task during a back-and-forth Twitter exchange Wednesday that involved the singer’s mother, Joan Grande, and Morgan’s criticism of Little Mix, Ellen DeGeneres and more.

On Wednesday morning, Morgan took aim at Little Mix regarding their promotional photo. First, he tweeted the girl group’s promotional art for LM5 alongside an earlier photo of the Dixie Chicks. “Hey @LittleMix – when are you going to admit you stole this idea from @dixiechicks?” he taunted.

Joan Grande called him out. “Honestly what is wrong with you @piersmorgan? Didn’t your mother teach you if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it,” she wrote, sharing his original tweet. “You came for @TheEllenShow yesterday, which was disgraceful, she is an angel. @LittleMix today, did you ever hear of paying homage. And… well never mind.”

Earlier in the week, Morgan had criticized the talk show host for a video montage DeGeneres shared in honor of International Men’s Day. “The hypocrisy of modern feminism laid bare,” he tweeted. He then responded to Joan, defending his stance on DeGeneres and further denigrating Little Mix along with bringing her daughter Ariana Grande into the fold.

“Hi Joan, my mother taught me to speak my mind & never be afraid to express honestly held opinion,” he responded. “Ellen’s a hypocrite – and as for Little Mix, I’d just prefer they use their talent to sell records rather than their nudity. As your own daughter does…!”

Ariana Grande then jumped in with a series of tweets, which included giving praise to DeGeneres and explaining to the U.K. TV presenter that female sexuality does not negate talent.

“Ellen is an incredible & kind human being… I use my talent AND my sexuality all the time because I choose to. Women can be sexual AND talented. Naked and dignified. It’s OUR choice,” she wrote, adding, “We will keep fighting til people understand. I say this with all due respect but thank u, next.”

“Also @piersmorgan, I look forward to the day you realize there are other ways to go about making yourself relevant than to criticize young, beautiful, successful women for everything they do,” she continued. “I think that’ll be a beautiful thing for you and your career or what’s left of it.”

She closed by sharing his previous tweet in which he appears semi-nude in a photograph, which pointed out his own hypocrisy. “But when u do it it’s OK though, right?” she quipped.


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