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Amon Tobin Brazilian artist turns up the bass

Amon Tobin Turns Up the Bass

“Visually, it’s based on projection mapping. It’s a way of mapping onto flat surfaces and animating them and giving sort of an illusion of motion,” explained Brazilian electronic composer-producer Amon Tobin of the spectacular show for his album ISAM, which he performed at Coachella. “It’s a sort of mixture, the way we’ve got it set up between cinematic experience and a live show. It kind of really sets it apart from a lot of things going out there, I think, in terms of it being a different way to present music.”

The widely influential yet notoriously press-shy Tobin t is also enthusiastic about his newest project, Two Fingers, which moves away from the futuristic beats and field recordings of his past efforts. He described it as “bass-driven music, nothing to do with dubstep. [It’s] my sort of outlook for  bass-heavy, beat-driven music, which is really different from what I do with my own music.”

Interview by Stacey Anderson, video by Eric Helton

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