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Akon’s Imagination More “Konvicted” Than Akon

According to an investigation by website The Smoking Gun, R&B crooner Akon has exaggerated the criminal past that inspired singles like “Locked Up” and the album Konvicted. Among the singer’s claims is that he was once the kingpin of a car theft operation and that he spent four-and-a-half years in the prison after being ratted out. Not true, says TSG. Akon did spend time in a Georgia prison, but it was only for a few months. And he wasn’t arrested for being a ringleader of a car theft operation or because he was ratted out; rather, he was pulled over for driving a BMW that was previously stolen by someone else. It was also discovered that “Locked Up” was not written in prison (as Akon purported) and that the singer also sired a child with a college student while he was supposedly in jail. Neither Akon’s publicist nor business manager have replied to the TSG report.


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