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Above and Beyond Examine Betrayal in ‘Alchemy’ – Premiere

British DJ team take a slow-motion look at heartbreak

http://player.ooyala.com/player.js?width=600&height=337&embedCode=dqaW45Nzrj8dpomJwgosNHUzJcsosbRz&videoPcode=0yM2U60KQrAwuh8NdPRT3oFbLqgw&autoplay=1 http://player.ooyala.com/player.swf?embedCode=dqaW45Nzrj8dpomJwgosNHUzJcsosbRz&version=2

British DJs Above and Beyond’s poignant, Zoë Johnston-featuring dancefloor anthem “Alchemy” now has a heartwrenching visual accompaniment. The new clip tracks a relationship as it crumbles in slow motion when a spurned woman discovers her lover with someone else.

As Above and Beyond’s Tony McGuinness tells Rolling Stone, the track is “an honest, raw expression of betrayal” and was written based on personal experiences. “Both the video director, Jonas Mayabb, and the star of the video, Mackenzie Firgens, have lived it, too,” McGuinness says. “We met Mackenzie in L.A. at one of our recent Shrine shows and one of the first things we talked about was this song. ”Alchemy’ is about me, really,’ she said. It didn’t take long to persuade her to star in the video. Jonas’ treatment is simple to describe, but the finished film is a testament to his skill as a director and the actors’ ability to relive this painful experience so beautifully and movingly.”


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