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10 Surprising Things We Learned From Eminem’s Facebook Q&A

He’s really into McDonalds, tacos and cleaning

Eminem performs in Reading, England.Eminem performs in Reading, England.

Eminem performs in Reading, England.

Joseph Okpako/Redferns via Getty Images

Despite his recent admission that social media isn’t really for himEminem took to Facebook yesterday and fielded questions that ranged from his rap influences and recording capabilities to ones about his favorite Mexican food and where he, uh, pleasures himself. “It will really be me on the Q&A,” he promised. And expecting a chorus of doubters he added, “I’m posting a photo.”

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Eminem’s been everywhere recently, from a recent “Town Hall” with Sirius XM to defending homophobic accusations that have come up around his single “Rap God.” This moment wasn’t as deep. While most of his answers were short and succinct — a rare change for the artist, who can rap a mile a minute without thinking twice — they’re also revealing and often hilarious. Below are the best answers to some of the best, and some of the most outlandish, questions.

1. Q: What is Em’s favorite Mexican food?

A: “Tacos bitch.

2. Q: How does Em keep a straight face while “incorporating so many awesome puns” in his lyrics?

A: I laugh enough when I am recording them, that’s why I never smile.

3. Q: What’s Em’s favorite place to “masterbate [sic] outside of home”?

A: “McDonald’s bathroom.

4. Q: Does Em clean at home?

A: “I wipe my own ass.

5. Q: Can Em mix his own music, using recording functions like compression and EQ?

A: Pretty damn close.

6. Q: Did Em stroke Rick Rubin’s beard for ideas when they got in the studio?

A: “No, we only sampled ‘The Stroke.‘” He’s of course referring to the Billy Squier song “The Stroke” that Eminem sampled for “Berzerk.”

7. Q: What does Em wear to bed?

A: “Socks.

8. Q: What annoys Em the most?

A: “When people keep asking me if I am retiring.

9. Q: If Em could change one thing about the Marshal Mathers LP 2, what would it be?

A: “I would have added ‘Don’t Front’ on to the deluxe bonus disc but we didn’t clear the sample in time. That song, which is built off of a Black Moon sample leaked this week.

10. Q: Was Dido ever considered for an appearance on MMLP2?

A: “Yes, was considering her for ‘Bad Guy’ but thought it might give it away.” “Bad Guy” is a sort of sequel to “Stan,” the track Dido sang on on the first Marshall Mathers LP in 2000.


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