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Yusuf / Cat Stevens on 5 Great Songs About Children

The singer-songwriter discusses his favorite musical odes to youth, from Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” to Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”

yusuf cat stevens songs about children

Yusuf / Cat Stevens reflects on five of his favorite songs about children, including classics by Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan.

Danny Clinch

After a well-received 2016 tour, Yusuf / Cat Stevens returned in September with The Laughing Apple, an album featuring newly recorded versions of songs he wrote in the 1960s. Echoing his classic generation-gap ode “Father and Son,” the legendary singer-songwriter recently spoke to Rolling Stone about five of his favorite songs that deal with children.

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Danny Clinch

Bob Dylan, “Forever Young”

When a child comes around, you really reveal more of yourself. You’re listening to Dylan wish someone well from the bottom of his heart.

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