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Timeline of Chris Brown’s History of Violence Towards Women

Singer has been accused of assaulting women for years

Chris Brown

Chris Brown appears in court for a probation violation hearing in 2014 in Los Angeles, California. Brown was first placed on probation after the 2009 domestic violence case in which he plead guilty to assaulting his then-girlfriend, singer Rihanna.

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Chris Brown transformed from a wholesome R&B teen superstar with Michael Jackson potential to a more wicked pop culture villain when he received his first criminal offense: a battery charge for assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna. Since then, assault and battery charges have peppered the last several years of his public image, particularly accusations from women who have filed police reports against the singer and dancer. This week, he was arrested on suspicion for assault with a deadly weapon, reminding us that Brown's dangerous history against women is never too far behind him – and it constantly threatens to stall his music career he has continued to pursue. Here, we look back at a timeline of accusations and run-ins with the law.

Chris Brown, Miam, February 2012, Robbery

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Phone Robbery: February, 2012

While attending a club in Miami Beach, Brown became upset when he noticed a woman taking a photo of him outside of the club. According to Christal Shanae Spann's police report, the singer had snatched the phone from her hands through her car window to avoid any photos being leaked to tabloids and then drove off with the item. He was accused of one count of robbery.

Chris Brown,June 2013, Orange County

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Club Shove: June, 2013

In Orange County, Brown experienced another club-related altercation when Deanna Gines accused him of shoving her to the ground. She claimed she would need surgery following the incident that left her with torn ligaments in her right knee. 

Chris Brown, January 2016, Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Face Punch: January, 2016

Brown avoided charges after a woman accused him of punching her in the face and taking her phone in a Las Vegas night club. Liziane Gutierrez claimed that she had been trying to take a photo with Brown during a private party before the assault occurred. 

Chris Brown, Mike G, Nancy Ghosh, May 2016, Paris

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Manager Attack: May, 2016

Following allegations that Brown had brutally attacked his former manager Mike G, the singer's tour manager Nancy Ghosh also claimed that he had threatened a similar attack against her and cut ties with the performer.

Chris Brown, August 2016

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Gun Threat: August, 2016

Chris Brown was detained by the LAPD following a stand-off at his home. A woman had accused the singer of threatening her with a gun after showing up to his home. During the stand-off, Brown posted several photos and videos to Instagram asserting his innocence as the police waited outside after being told they would need a search warrant before entering.