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The Greatest Animated Music Videos

Cartoon clips from Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Tool, U2, Gorillaz, Daft Punk and more

Animated music videos are a staple of the medium and a go-to for artists who either do not want to appear in their own clips or – for one reason or another – don’t have the time to turn up for a video shoot. Animation has become a lot cheaper and easier to produce in recent years, so the number of cartoon clips have skyrocketed, particularly among smaller acts on a tight budget. Click through for our pick of some of the greatest animated videos of all time, including unforgettable promos by Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Gorillaz and more.

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Paula Abdul, ‘Opposites Attract’

The video for Paula Abdul's late Eighties smash "Opposites Attract" is a cheeseball classic, with the future American Idol judge playfully dancing around with MC Skat Kat, the greatest rapping animated cat in the history of pop music.

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R.E.M., ‘Man-Sized Wreath’

R.E.M. are best known for their inventive live-action clips, but later in their career, Michael Stipe began teaming up with animators such as CRUSH Inc., the Toronto studio responsible for this striking video for the Accelerate tune "Man-Sized Wreath."

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