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The 50 Best Rock-Star Instagram Accounts

An A to Z guide to the singers, rappers and strummers who’ve mastered the art of the selfie and much more

Earlier this week, Rihanna was asked to leave Abu Dhabi for wearing a chic burka and posing for photos in front of a mosque. We know this because we — and Riri's 10 million followers — saw it on Instagram. When Twitter arrived and artists began communicating 140-character thoughts directly to the masses, the "fourth wall" between musician and fan was essentially shattered. Instagram took that shattered fourth wall and added a sunburst digital filter to it. Everyone from pop starlets (Lady Gaga, Rihanna) to arena rockers (Springsteen, McCartney) to indie bands (Best Coast, Chvrches) to mixtape marvels (Action Bronson) have become obsessed with the photo-sharing service, giving fans a unique look at life through their iPhone camera. Here are 50 acts who've mastered the art.

 by Daniel Kreps



Beyoncé was the first person to post Instagram photos of Instagram photos and she's never lost momentum, regularly updating her feed with red-carpet quality pics of herself in extravagant clothes on incredible vacations. Bonus: there's always hope for a glimpse of Blue Ivy.

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Bon Iver

Justin Vernon loves taking cat photos almost as much as he loves naming songs after semi-fictional places. The Bon Iver Instagram account is 33% kitty pics, 33% art snaps like his series using the mirror effect, 33% snaps of his bros chilling in Wisconsin, and 1% screengrabbed weather reports.

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Ever been to a really good buffet where you just couldn't stop eating because there was so much to choose from? That's the Dipset rapper's Instagram account. You can kill hours gorging yourself on his large portions of memesjokes obviously written in his iPhone's Notes, and Terms of Agreement-pushing booty pics. We also enjoy Cam'ron's history lessons, like his trips to 1985 and 1986.

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Patrick Carney

Good luck finding anything concerning the Black Keys on Carney's page. Instead, the drummer uses his outlet as a shrine to plastic surgery nightmares like Bruce Jenner and the Octomom. 

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Cat Power

Chan Marshall is perhaps our most prolific Instagrammer, sometimes tossing up as many as 35 images in a 24-hour period. It often feels like she's curating iconic images like her page is a gallery — a fascinating page by a fascinating talent.

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This Instagram encapsulates the Glasgow band's rise from obscurity to indie fame. Scrolling through this 14-month-old account from the beginning, it's like a flipbook where the venues get better, the crowds get larger and the Instagram photos get more intriguing.

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Gary Clark Jr.

The neo-bluesman has had an Instagram account for nearly a year, but only uses it sparingly (and awesomely). Exhibit A: This picture with Magic Johnson.

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Wayne Coyne

Note: This is for Wayne Coyne's new Instagram account, not his previous account that was terminated last month due to too much T&A. (Next time read the terms of agreement, Wayne!) Coyne's well-behaved new account features lots of photos of his many art projects and gratuitous use of the Instagram filters.

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Miley Cyrus

Miley started her Instagram account in May and has accumulated nearly five million followers since then. It's all thanks to her steady diet of provocative selfies, self-promoting foot fetish images and twerk shots. Also, #WeCantStop marveling at Miley's incredible dog Floyd.

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Ever wanted a good look at Joel Zimmerman with his mask off? His frequently updated feed is the perfect venue to find shots like this photo of Deadmau5, Kat Von D, and The Room's Tommy Wiseau.

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The Mad Decent maven's Instagram account is as random as it gets. Whatever interesting stuff pops into the producer's line of vision, it appears on his Instagram, resulting in a hodgepodge of heavily filtered scenic shots, creepy Photoshops and throwback pics of Justin Timberlake.

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Mike Dirnt

What's it like to balance a normal family life with a career as a punk legend? The Green Day's bassist Instagram is a touching, interesting look at how he balances these two aspects of his life.

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The godfather of #YOLO, Drake's Instagram features a glimpse into the rapper's jetsetting lifestyle. While this account used to be heavy on the digital filters, the rapper's photos — like his music — have matured to the point where he's now relying on old school black-and-white.

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Ed Droste

If there were an award for "Best Photographer/Musician on Instagram," this Grizzly Bear singer would be our pick. Each photo is incredibly composed, and Droste's camera eye might be just as powerful as his singing voice. Added bonus: He never uses the filters.

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Sky Ferreira

When we say that Sky's Instagram page has "no filter," we mean it literally: She legit posts everything on there, from fashion photos to whatever she's listening to on her iPod at the moment. And then there is her Cher obsession. . . 

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Jared Followill

It's fun to imagine Kings of Leon trying to figure out how hockey works.

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Irv Gotti

Few hip-hop moguls offer this much candid access into their unbelievable lives. Gotti's feed is like a beautiful, crazy diary with no filter that captures everything from sitting front row at Brooklyn Nets games to the VIP section at the club to eating at the best restaurants to pics from intimate family birthday parties to any of the hot ladies at his disposal.

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Dave Grohl

Snaps like this photo alone make the so-called "official" account for the Foo Fighters leader worth following. But don't take all the shots too seriously: the band's reps tell us the feed is actually not run by by the Foo squad.

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Icona Pop

For over a year now, it seems as though the Swedish duo's "I Don't Care" has been played every hour on every pop station. That entire time, Icona Pop has been out on the road promoting the track and their debut LP, and their Instagram follows their travels in vivid detail.

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Alexis Krauss

The Sleigh Bells frontwoman's Instagram is a charming mix of fingernail art, drunken nights out, performance pics, and dog photos (duh).

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Lady Gaga

Everything you'd expect from a Lady Gaga Instagram account — the highbrow fashion choices, the photos of presidential suites in foreign five-star hotels, the portraits of Gaga and her artsy pals like Jeff Koons — are surprisingly absent. Instead, this account is a one-stop depot for intimate Gaga selfies with the occasional puppy photo thrown in.

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