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The 11 Biggest Musical Disasters of 2010

The Who at the Super Bowl, Michael Jackson’s ‘Hold My Hand’ video and the rest of the major missteps

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Courtney Love went on tour using the old band name — without her old bandmates, and she obviously could have used their help. Her voice was shot, the comeback album Nobody’s Daughter was a flop, and the only half-decent new song was a straight-up rip of the Verve’s “On Your Own.”  The real musical brains of the operation must have been Melissa auf der Maur. 

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The Who at the Super Bowl

Much as we all cherish Daltrey and Townshend for slogging on, the Super Bowl halftime show — their highest-profile gig ever — was a fumble. They didn’t even start rehearsing until the previous week, and it showed in a flaccid “Who Are You.” (They didn’t seem to have a clear idea what the Super Bowl even was, with Townshend admitting he’d never seen a football game.) Hell, Terry Bradshaw singing “You Better You Bet” would have given more entertainment value.

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Christina Aguilera’s “Bionic”

Her new album was a blatant attempt to cop the Lady Gaga style, with the cleverly titled single “Not Myself Tonight.” But it was a commercial bomb. She had to cancel her tour, and ended the year with a “Showgirls”-styled Cher movie called Burlesque.

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Nick Jonas’ Solo Album

His first solo album was ambitiously titled Who I Am, just as his back-up band was ambitiously dubbed “The Administration.” But it had no hits and no pop appeal, selling only 150,000 copies, as the once-lovesick little girls of America recoiled. With Biebermania on the rise, the JoBros will have to rely on their musical talent to stay afloat, and it just wasn’t audible on this album. Get cracking, Bros.

Stone Temple Pilots’ Reunion Tour

They got back together with Scott Weiland, who had somehow managed to bumble his way out of the mega-successful Velvet Revolver. But the tour ended prematurely when Weiland showed up late for a gig in Houston where he had an onstage meltdown, telling the crowd, “I started drinking again.” Well, there’s always Skating with the Stars.

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Santana and Gavin Rossdale doing “Bang a Gong” at the American Music Awards

With so many great Santana songs to choose from — and so many great Bush songs — it’s a mystery whey they chose a live TV broadcast to stumble through a glam-rock oldie that Rossdale couldn’t sing, and that the Power Station did better 25 years ago. Rossdale’s decision to tie up his hair into a doofy croissant wasn’t doing him any favors, and oh, that unfortunate wallet chain.

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Michael Jackson and Akon’s “Hold My Hand” Video

It’s bad enough they had to reheat some substandard Michael Jackson leftovers, give them a studio polish and present them as a posthumous new album — but then they had to go and make this creepy video full of inane fan footage and messianic MJ iconography, reducing him to the Wacko Jacko stereotype of his final years.

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Justin Bieber’s “Pray”

Just what you needed: Bieber decides to offer a little wisdom about how to solve the world’s problems, and it’s the same solution MC Hammer offered 20 years ago. (And look how well it worked out for him.) People praying got us into this mess, Biebz. And the live AMAs performance looked exactly like Russell Brand’s “African Child” video in Get Him To The Greek — except that was supposed to be funny. Say it loud, Bieber: “I’m a white African Jesus from space!”

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Fall Out Boy Breaking Up

It was the end of an era, mourned by Hot Topic emo kids who were already wearing black anyway. Pete Wentz wrote on Twitter, “A hiatus is forever until you get lonely or old. I don’t plan on either.” Their decision to break up was only slightly less tragic than Panic at the Disco’s decision not to break up.

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Black Eyed Peas’ “The Time (The Dirty Bit)”

Is the world running out of cheesy Eighties songs for Will.I.Am to sample? Making Fergie sing “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” is pretty close to the bottom of the barrel. Nobody puts Fergie in a corner!

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Diddy – Dirty Money’s “Last Train to Paris”

Diddy obviously decided he wanted to make his own version of the Kanye record. But when he complains about how he hates hearing “Tears of a Clown” because he thinks it’s about him, he reminds the world that not every hip-hop mogul should feel compelled to express his personal side.

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