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Smart Speakers: The Ultimate 2018 Guide

We run down the latest offerings, from Apple’s HomePod to the Sonos One. Which one is right for you?

Apple Homepod

Read our in-depth guide to the finest smart speakers currently on the market, including the Apple HomePod.


The hottest category in tech right now is smart speakers: wireless speakers that have a brain (either Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa) and respond to voice control. Now that Apple’s long-awaited HomePod is finally here, we rounded up the latest and greatest smart speakers and tested them to find out which is the best for you – whether you’re an audiophile or just someone who wants to have a fulfilling conversation with your living-room sound-system. 

google home max


Google Home Max, $399

The smartest smart speaker: Google’s simple, elegant device has killer voice-recognition tech – it will even tailor music to whomever is in the room. 

Killer Sound: The largest of the bunch, giving it low-frequency oomph.

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