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Slayer’s Final Tour: See Exclusive All-Access Photos

An inside look at the thrash-metal titans’ farewell trek

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See onstage and backstage photos from Slayer's gritty final world tour. Here, on the trek's second date, guitarist Kerry King takes a break from warming up in his dressing room.

Koury Angelo for Rolling Stone

Slayer have always strived to be the hardest, fastest and toughest live band around. Now they’re calling it quits with a final world tour. After kicking things off in San Diego last week, they welcomed Rolling Stone backstage, onstage and in the pit to document all the mayhem of the second date of the trek, which took place at Irvine, California’s FivePoint Amphitheatre.

We were able to witness performances by their opening bands, which included Lamb of God, Anthrax, Behemoth and Testament; the excitement of the fans; Slayer’s pre-show backstage rituals; and the intensity on their faces during the gig. The band played a career-spanning set list at the gig, including the fan favorites “Angel of Death, “Raining Blood,” “South of Heaven” and “War Ensemble,” among many others, as well as a few surprises, like Divine Intervention‘s “Dittohead” and Seasons in the Abyss’ “Blood Red.” Needless to say, it whipped the audience into a frenzy. Scroll through the following photos to see the carnage they wrought.

Koury Angelo for Rolling Stone

Watch the Throne

A backstage view of what Bostaph sees every night, looking out from behind his drum stool. The drummer, who played with the band in the Nineties and early 2000s after founding drummer Dave Lombardo quit, re-joined the band in 2013 after Lombardo exited the band over a contract dispute.

Koury Angelo for Rolling Stone

Tom Araya Finds His Happy Place

With a fog around him and perspiration pouring off him, Araya looks content as he plays bass during a break from vocals.

Koury Angelo for Rolling Stone


King not only plays the band’s technically demanding guitar parts, he also does so while headbanging. In this shot, you can see the toll that takes on his mile-long goatee.

Koury Angelo for Rolling Stone

Caught in a Mosh

Attending a Slayer show is not for the faint of heart – now imagine getting in a mosh pit when the band is onstage. Here’s a look at the carnage that ensues once Slayer find their groove.

Koury Angelo for Rolling Stone

The Aftermath

Irvine, California’s FivePoint Amphitheatre can contain about 12,000 Slayer fans – even when they can’t contain themselves. Here’s a glimpse of what was left on the field after the band left the stage.

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