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Skrillex: The Rolling Stone Cover Shoot

Hanging in trees (literally!) with the California kid who took over the world

Shrillex, RS1205

Jason Nocito

Skrillex is accustomed to playing on the largest stages, in front of thousands of cellphone-wielding fans, but he took everything down on a notch over the past few weeks, playing a series of intimate venues for his Takeover shows, and posing for just one camera — ours — for his new Rolling Stone cover story. "Mostly, even when I'm playing bigger shows, my sets change every night, but it's really fun to go to smaller clubs and be really spontaneous, and not really give a fuck what you're playing," he told us on the set of the shoot.

Skrillex, RS1205

Jason Nocito

Hands Off

"There's always gonna be people that are gonna be surprised, there's always gonna be people that are gonna like it, and I think some people will like it," Skrillex says of his new album. "Who knows. I mean, I don't really think about that too much."

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