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See Steve Aoki Face the Apocalypse in Wild ‘Darker Than Blood’ Video Shoot

Go behind the scenes as the DJ – with help from Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda – eradicates a global plague and saves his younger self

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki on the "Darker Than Blood" video set.


A lot of EDM is fixated on the present, encouraging us to live in the moment and surrender to the world around us. Steve Aoki, a self-described "science-fiction nut," is obsessed with what's to come. "Some of these [sci-fi] ideas are actually real trajectories that are going to happen in our lifetime," the DJ told Rolling Stone late last year, just before the release of Neon Future, his most recent album. "Extending our lives, extending our creativity, opening up the mysteries of the brain… that's kind of the basis of Neon Future."

Next month, he follows that record with Neon Future II, a "darker" continuation that features Snoop Lion, Rivers Cuomo and J.J. Abram. Here, check out behind-the-scenes photos from his wild shoot for the music video for "Darker Than Blood," which features Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda. Think Contagion meets Back to the Future, condensed into just a few high-energy minutes.

Steve Aoki video shoot


Resident Evil

One of the video's most intense scenes occurs when a patient enters the disease's final stage and goes on a rampage across the lab.

Steve Aoki video shoot

Little DJ Boy

Early in the video, this child dodges attackers by running down an alley. In the final scene, we realize that he is a young Steve Aoki – who will grow up to attempt to cure the infection.

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