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See Jack White’s Candid Pictures of Creepy Clowns, Mick Jagger

Rocker one of several artists participating in Impossible Project’s launch of first Polaroid film camera produced in 20 years

Jack White Stage Performing I-1 Camera Personal Photos

David James Swanson

For the first time in two decades, a new camera has been created that uses the original Polaroid film. The I-1 instant camera exists due to the efforts of the Impossible Project, which has continued to produce self-developing film after Polaroid discontinued production of both the film and cameras nearly a decade ago.

In support of the project, various artists have joined forces for Project 8 which celebrates the new camera. Included in the launch is Jack White, whose pictures capture everything from still life to celebrity friends like Mick Jagger. "Photography using mechanical means is a beautiful art form," White said in a statement. "Digital pictures are very portable and easy to make happen, but you can't hold the photo in your hand, or put it in a family album. There's a romantic feeling of pulling a photograph out of a polaroid camera, holding it your hands and showing it to others. It can't be replaced or replicated."

Fans can get involved by visiting the Impossible Project website.