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Rolling Stone Volkswagen Rock & Roll Tailgate Party

rolling stone tailgate

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Rolling Stone's Volkswagen Rock & Roll Tailgate

Jane's Addiction performs at The Rolling Stone Volkswagen Rock & Roll Fan Tailgate Party at The Crane Bay in Indianapolis on February 5th, 2012.

RS super fan

Walid Azami

Super Fan

Football fan Ryan Sacks, pictured at left, was at work when he got the call that he’d won his way into Rolling Stone Volkswagen Rock & Roll Tailgate Party. “Arriving at the party, strangers started to snap pics of us. That was my quasi-celebrity moment,” Sacks told Rolling Stone. At the party, Sacks reenacted “The Catch” with Hall of Famer Joe Montana, pictured at right. Later, he got to attend the Super Bowl with the former NFL quarterback. “Montana predicted three Patriots plays in a row on one drive. It was wild.” Other stars in attendance made Sacks feel right at home in the RS stadium suite. “Sitting with Anna Faris and cracking up with her, high-fiving the members of Jane’s Addiction during the big plays — those are things I’ll never forget.”

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