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Rob Zombie: 5 Songs I Wish I’d Written

Former White Zombie frontman breaks down his favorite monster-themed tunes

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Former White Zombie frontman Rob Zombie, who is spending his summer on the road with Korn, breaks down his favorite monster songs.

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Given Rob Zombie's well-documented love of campy retro horror, it's no surprise that he gravitates toward musicians who favor a similar aesthetic. Here, in advance of a tour with Korn that kicks off tonight in Englewood, Colorado, the seasoned shock rocker fills us in on his favorite spooky tunes, from a doo-wop gem by the Castle Kings to a classic Misfits rager.

Rob Zombie

Roky Erickson, “Creature With the Atom Brain”

It's a very big-sounding rock song because he's got a really big voice. The song itself isn't particularly creepy – it's the lyrics and delivery.

Rob Zombie

The Cramps, “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”

Their whole thing is horror-rock monster songs. This is pretty low-fi and trashy. It has a really 1960s garage-rock sound.

Rob Zombie

The Castle Kings, “You Can Get Him, Frankenstein”

A doo-wop-y song from when I was a kid, like "Monster Mash." If you went to a Halloween party, you heard this.

Rob Zombie

Tom Waits, “King Kong”

It's a great song. He's just telling the story of the love story of King Kong, screaming in his super-raspy, heavy voice.

Rob Zombie

Misfits, “Vampira”

I had to pick the Misfits. I've done that song with Danzig many times. It's barely a minute and a half – one buzz-saw riff, basically, like all their songs.