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Return of the Mac: Tour Mac DeMarco’s Brooklyn Apartment

The Canadian singer-guitarist shows us around his home and chats about ‘Salad Days’

Mac Demarco, RS 1211

Sacha Lecca

Canadian singer-guitarist Mac DeMarco recently invited Rolling Stone to hang out at the Brooklyn apartment where he recorded this year's excellently laid-back Salad Days. He made the album entirely on his own in a tiny bedroom (pictured) – often with his girlfriend sleeping in a loft bed above his head. "I record pretty quietly," DeMarco, 24, explains with an easy grin. "Usually, it’s either me doing a guitar track over and over or, like, singing very softly. She probably thought I was a fucking weirdo." 

Read on for more candid snapshots from DeMarco's place.

Photos by Sacha Lecca

Interview by Simon Vozick-Levinson

Mac Demarco, RS 1211

Sacha Lecca

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Salad Days' easygoing sound has earned many a classic rock comparison – and DeMarco couldn't be happier. "One thing I hear a lot is, 'Dude, my mom loves your record,' or 'I got it for my dad for Christmas,'" he says. "I'm essentially doing dad rock. Which is great, because I love Steely Dan, you know? Nothing wrong with dad rock!"

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