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Reggie Watts in His Montana Hometown

The comedian tours his old haunts in Great Falls

Reggie Watts, Hometown, Montana

Bex Finch

The living room I grew up in had a very Narnia-esque feeling about it. It's especially great to be in it during a thunder and lightning storm.

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Bex Finch


It turns out Great Falls, Montana has some pretty decent coffee! It makes me want to come back more often, aside from the fact that my mom lives there.

Bex Finch

Plenty of Time

A mountain man's mini-scooter is the perfect way to pass the time in the empty lot of a junkyard. Great Falls is a place where time is on your side.

Bex Finch


In the cluttered den of my friend Wallace Bossie, I sit with an orange colored meow-head. It is all a very comfortable experience, plus there are Cylons only three feet away!

Bex Finch


My mom, cousin Stevens and Uncle Manu sit at a local diner in Great Falls speaking of politics, most likely. They are all from France and all highly opinionated, so there will always be a spirited egalitarian conversation. My mom loves patty melts.

Bex Finch


These are my front steps. I grew up in this house from age four to 18 years old. My mom called for dinner from these steps at dusk. Romantic exciting non-cellphone times!

Bex Finch


My backyard. Many G.I. Joes and Matchbox cars are buried in this land. I used sit in a lawn chair in the middle of the night staring up at the stars hoping I would see a UFO. I don't think I ever did.

Bex Finch

Go Bison!

I'm staring out to where football games took place in back of my high school, Great Falls High. I literally lived through a John Hughes movie in my time there. I feel so lucky that he made those movies during that perfect time. Go Bison!

Bex Finch


Enjoying some moderately good coffee at my favorite classic diner, Tracy's. My weirdo friends and I would go there and spend all night drinking way too much coffee and playing card games like Asshole or Bullshit. Sounds boring, but it was so much fun! #noCellphoneCreativity

Bex Finch


This is the lady who made it all possible for me to exist, Christiane Watts. I love her tremendously and will always be grateful for how she raised me. I wish my dad were still around so you could see a photo of him too! Thanks Mom and Dad and thanks, Great Falls!



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