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Readers’ Poll: The 10 Greatest Canadian Rock Stars

Your picks include Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Bryan Adams

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Neil Young's 68th birthday and crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford have us thinking a lot about Canada this week. For a country with a relatively small population (especially compared to its total size), the place sure has given us a huge number of amazing musicians. In the 1960s, we met Canadian legends like Young, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen and it continues to this day with Arcade Fire and many others. We asked our readers to select their 10 favorite Canadian bands/artists. Click through to see the results. 


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1. Neil Young

Neil Young's father, Scott Young, was a highly acclaimed Canadian sportswriter and his mother, Rassy, was a panelist on a Canadian game show (among many other things). He grew up in Omemee (the famed town in North Ontario from "Helpless"), but moved to Los Angeles in 1966 to start Buffalo Springfield. California has been his primary residence ever since, but he never became an American citizen and still has close ties to Canada. In his 2011 movie Neil Young Journeys, he takes filmmaker Jonathan Demme back to Omemee and recounts tales from his early days. 

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