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Readers’ Poll: The 10 Best Weezer Songs

Your favorite tracks from Rivers Cuomo and Co., from “Say It Ain’t So” to “Hash Pipe”


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Weezer are on the verge of emerging from a four-year hiatus with their new album Everything Will Be Alright in the End. It's their first record with producer Ric Ocasek since The Green Album in 2000, so expectations are very high. As we await the new tracks, we asked our readers to select their favorite songs from Weezer's long history. Unsurprisingly, 80 percent of the tracks in the Top 10 come from the first two Weezer albums. They set a very high standard for themselves very early on. Click through to see the results. 

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3. “El Scorcho”

Rivers Cuomo's freshman year at Harvard didn't go very well. He was forced to wear a steel brace on his leg to address a long-standing medical condition, and the women on campus weren't very interested in spending time with the weird older guy limping around campus. He poured his pain and loneliness into the songs on Pinkerton and many of the anecdotes are drawn from real life, down to asking to a girl to a Green Day concert and her responding she'd never heard of them. (What college girl in 1995 hadn't heard of Green Day?) The half-Japanese cello player has never stepped forward, but she clearly had a real impact on Cuomo. She resurfaces on "Falling for You."

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2. “Only in Dreams”

It's clear to most Weezer fans that "Only in Dreams," the lush, dreamy, eight-minute songs that wraps up The Blue Album, is an absolute masterpiece, but back in 2002 a troll on an Internet message board voiced a counter opinion. "GAY! GAY! GAY GAY!" he wrote about the song. "DISNEYGAY! Admit it." This ancient, sub-literate trolling would obviously be completely meaningless where they not the words of Rivers Cuomo, the guy who wrote the song. This was back around the time when he called his fans "little bitches." He's mellowed out since then and when he plays "Only in Dreams" he seems to be enjoying himself. 

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1. “Say It Ain’t So”

Rivers Cuomo had a difficult childhood. His biological father developed a severe drinking problem before leaving his mother, and one day Rivers came home from school and found a bottle of booze in the fridge. He worried that it meant his new family was about to break apart also, and years later he tapped into that memory when writing "Say It Ain't So." It was the final single from The Blue Album and it failed to crack the Billboard Hot 100, but it's widely seen now as one of the greatest songs of the decade. The opening chords alone bring a smile to most everyone that was a teenager in 1994. 

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