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Readers’ Poll: The 10 Best Post-1960s Bob Dylan Songs

See what tune managed to top ‘Hurricane,’ ‘Not Dark Yet’ and ‘Shelter From the Storm’

Bob Dylan and his Rolling Thunder Revue

Bob Dylan performs with his Rolling Thunder Revue in 1975.

Frank Lennon/Getty

People who haven't paid that much attention to Bob Dylan's career often see him as a creature from the 1960s, the folk singer that plugged in and released "Like a Rolling Stone" before settling into a comfortable existence as an oldies act. His many fans know he continued churning out stunningly brilliant songs long after the Seventies began, and even today he remains an extremely vital artist. And as his MusiCares speech proved, he's still rather feisty and has a lot to say. We asked our readers to select their favorite Dylan songs released after the 1960s. Here are the results.

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TORONTO, ON - DECEMBER 2, 1975: His rolling thunder revue making its way toward New York, Bob Dylan (left) last night took centre stage before 16,000 people at Gardens, accompanied by a host of other folk music personalities including Mick Ronson (centre) and Bobby Neuwirth. Joni Mitchell was there, and Ramblin' Jack Elliott and Ronee Blakley and Roger McQuinn and Gordon Lightfoot. Joan Baez joined in duet with Dylan, her dignity filling hall, according to Star writer Peter Goddard.


‘Tangled Up in Blue’

It's hard for people today to quite understand how stunning it was when Dylan released Blood on the Tracks in January of 1975. There hadn't been an undeniably great Dylan record in six very long years, and on the previous year's reunion tour with the Band he often seemed to be sleepwalking through his old hits. But once fans dropped the needle and kicked off the journey with "Tangled Up in Blue," it became clear that none of genius that fueled Blonde on Blonde and Highway 61 Revisited had faded with time. "Tangled Up in Blue" is an odyssey through time and space about two star-crossed lovers. Never happy with the lyrics, Dylan re-wrote a large portion of them for his 1984 European tour. Check it out on the otherwise shaky Real Live.

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