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Readers’ Poll: The 10 Best Phish Songs

“You Enjoy Myself,” “Fluffhead” and your surprise pick for Number One


Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

To celebrate the release of Fuego, Phish's new studio album, we recently asked self-identifying Phans to dig into the hundreds upon hundreds of songs in the Vermont jam band's playbook and tell us their favorites. We learned that this group aligns themselves with Phish's greatest live epics, their one stab at Top 40 radio and surprisingly, one song that hasn't been heard in nearly 30 years. Click through to see 10 most popular tunes.

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1. “Lushington”

We think this is Phish phans phucking with us. In Phish's nearly three-decade history, "Lushington" has only been played eight times, and it's been shelved since 1987. While elements of the song ended up in "Fluffhead," "Lushington" is the great white whale of Phish cuts, and given the fact it won this poll thanks to some major league ballot stuffing, it’s the track fans are most clamoring to hear live. With any luck, Trey and the boys see the results of the Readers' Poll, see how in demand the song is and bust it out on their coming tour. We wouldn't hold our breaths, though.

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