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Readers’ Poll: The 10 Best Fleetwood Mac Songs

Your picks include ‘Go Your Own Way,’ ‘Silver Springs’ and ‘Sara’

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Fleetwood Mac are days away from launching a huge world tour. They have a catalog that stretches back nearly 50 years, but don't expect to hear many songs that predate the Stevie Nicks/Lindsey Buckingham era. The band's popularity spiked in a huge way when the two of them joined in 1975, and it kicked off an incredible period of success. They went from a half-forgotten 1960s blues-rock act to one of the biggest bands in the world. We asked our readers to vote for their favorite Fleetwood Mac songs, and it's no surprise that 90 percent of the top 10 songs come from the Buckingham/Nicks era. Click through to see the results. 


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3. ‘Landslide’

Stevie Nicks was only in her mid-twenties when she wrote "Landslide" but somehow, she infused the ballad with decades of wisdom and sorrow. She wrote it in Aspen before joining Fleetwood Mac. Her musical career seemed stuck, and things were rocky with Lindsey. As she contemplated quitting music and returning to school, she looked out at the mountains and thought about an avalanche coming down and swallowing up the house.

It wasn't a single in the 1970s, but it quickly became a fan favorite. A live version from the 1997 Fleetwood Mac reunion concert did come out as a single, bringing the song to a new audience. Many have covered it over the years, from the Dixie Chicks to the Smashing Pumpkins. In many ways, it has become Stevie's signature song, and it's only taken on a greater poignancy as she's gotten older. 

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2. ‘Go Your Own Way’

The kick-off from Rumours is Lindsey Buckingham's finest moment on the album. Many of Stevie's relationship songs are gentle and sad, but this one is loud and furious. "Packing up/ Shacking up's all you wanna do!" he yells to his ex-lover. Stevie joins him on that famous line though, to this day, she says she resents it, claiming she never "shacked up" with anybody. The song is also a sensational showcase for Lindsey's guitar playing. He's always been drastically underappreciated as a pure player, and this song demonstrates why he's one of the greats. 

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1. ‘The Chain’

"The Chain" is the only song on Rumours that the band actually wrote as a group. "It basically came out of a jam," said Mick Fleetwood. "Originally, we had no words to it. And it really only became a song when Stevie wrote some. She walked in one day and said, 'I've written some words that might be good for that thing you were doing in the studio the other day.' So it was put together. Lindsey arranged and made a song out of all the bits and pieces that we were putting down onto tape." They should have joined forces more often, since the end result is absolutely stunning. It was never a single, though radio has embraced it and it's proven to be one of their most enduring works. 

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