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Readers’ Poll: The 10 Best Blink-182 Songs

See what song managed to top “Adam’s Song,” “All the Small Things” and “The Rock Show”

Blink-182; Best Song

Blink-182 are back with a new album and tour, and we asked their fans to select their best songs.


Blink-182 rolled out their song song "Bored to Death" earlier this week along with dates for a massive summer tour. It will be most people's first chance to see them with Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba, who has replaced Tom DeLonge on guitar and vocals. The group hasn't played with DeLonge since October of 2014, though he still insists he's somehow even in the band. That's a little confusing since he isn't on the album, won't be on the tour and has been replaced. Anyway, we asked our readers to select their favorite Blink-182 songs. Here are the results. 

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“Adam’s Song”

Even at the peak of their popularity, Blink-182 wrote more than just silly songs about sex and goofing around. In fact, they get about as serious as possible on "Adam's Song" for Enema of the State. It's basically a teenage suicide note in the form of a song. Mark Hoppus wrote it after reading about a kid that killed himself and left a note for his family. "Give all my things to all my friends," Hoppus sings. "You'll never step foot in my room again/You'll close it off, board it up." Controversy erupted when a Columbine student who lost a friend in the massacre hung himself after playing the song on repeat. The group stressed that the song was anti-suicide, but it still left them extremely rattled. 

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Can't Hardly Wait plays a big role in the world of Blink-182. Not only did the Jennifer Love Hewitt movie inspire Mark Hoppus to write "Going Away to College" but it's also the first place where many people heard their 1997 classic "Dammit." Hoppus wrote the song about the pain of seeing a girl you loved out with a new guy. It got them a lot of airplay and helped pave the way for Enema of the State. It remains their traditional concert closer to this day, and the opening guitar part never fails to send the audience into absolute hysteria. For many of them, it is the sound of their teenage years in guitar form. 

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