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Readers’ Poll: The 10 Bands That Should Break Up

Your picks include the Beach Boys, Nickelback and the Who

DRAFT- Weekend Rock

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Mötley Crüe aren't just going on a farewell tour this year – they also signed a legal document stating that they will never, ever reunite after 2015. It was a smart move because fans are sick of shelling out big bucks to see groups like Kiss and the Who say "farewell," then reunite just a few years later. (Nobody is going to stop them from burning that contract at a reunion tour press conference in 2017, though.)

Still, the news of Mötley Crüe's demise got us thinking about other bands that have worn out their welcome. We asked our readers to vote on which bands they'd like to see split next. Click through to see the results. 



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1. Nickelback

At a certain point, you have to feel a little bad for the guys in Nickelback. These four guys from Canada simply wanted to release albums and play rock concerts. They never claimed they were the Beatles. They never claimed what they were doing was brilliant or even that radical. But ever since "How You Remind Me" broke big in 2000 and brought them into basketball arenas, they've absorbed more hate than just about any band of the modern era.

Maybe it's because they broke at a time when the Strokes and the Hives were supposed to be the next big rock bands, but they faded away and Nickelback just got bigger and bigger. They started to embody everything that was wrong with rock & roll over the past decade, and that's a lot to put on the shoulders of a single band. They are merely one in a long line of crappy bands, and they're also the top group our readers hope go away forever. 

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