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Readers Poll: Best Collaborations of All Time

Mariah Carey fans turn out in force to make their preferences known

Jim Steinfeldt/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Last week, we asked our readers to vote for the best punk band of all time. Green Day won after the band posted the link on their website. To put it mildly, this upset many people on the Internet. As we said at the time, even Green Day probably doesn't think they are better than The Clash or The Ramones – but the votes are the votes. 

This week we polled our readers about their favorite collaboration of all time. This time around, the Mariah Carey fans rallied for one of her songs. It won by a huge margin. I can already see the furious comments coming – and the commentary on other sites saying this poll somehow reflects the opinion of Rolling Stone's editors. Well, where would the Internet be if it wasn't for misdirected anger? We welcome it. 

By Andy Greene

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1. Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey, ‘One Sweet Day’

Okay, so this song wouldn't have won if the Mariah Carey fans hadn't stuffed the ballot boxes in this poll. Most of you reading this probably don't think it's the greatest duet of all-time. You're probably enraged to see it here. We understand. Back in 1995, however, everybody loved this song. Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey were both at their peak, and the song held the Number One spot for a staggering 16 weeks. It was completely inescapable that year. Some of you may feel that it hasn't aged all that well, but the voters have spoken and they feel it's the greatest duet of all time. Who are we to say they're wrong?

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