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Readers’ Poll: 10 Greatest Rush Albums

The band’s best work, from their 1974 debut through 2012’s ‘Clockwork Angels’

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Last week, Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson told Rolling Stone that the trio were prepping for a 2015 tour, one that's going to be "very pleasing for the fans across the board" and will provide "good opportunity to do some rarer Rush material." In the wake of that announcement, we asked you to consider all of that material and tell us which of the band's 20 albums is their best. Click through to see your choices for the top ten.

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‘Moving Pictures’

Rush have released 20 albums, but none introduced itself with lead and second singles better than "Tom Sawyer" and "Limelight," both of which not only remain in rotation at classic rock stations across the country but also continue to appear in films as recent as Fanboys, Adventureland and of course, I Love You, Man. "YYZ," meanwhile, earned the trio the first of their seven Grammy nominations, this one for Best Rock Instrumental Performance. Perhaps this was the record those Mercury executives had in mind when they asked the band to release something more commercial.

Courtesy Mercury Records


Like 2112, Hemispheres opens with a side-length mini opera, this one continuing A Farewell to Kings' story of black hole Cygnus X-1 and the explorer who dares enter it. A pair of shorter tracks lead off Side Two before the album closes with nine-and-a-half minute instrumental, "La Villa Strangiato," which proved that the band could tell a story even without Neil Peart's lyrics and Geddy Lee's vocals. Upon its release, Rolling Stone gave the record a mixed review, writing that "these guys have the chops and drive to break out of the largely artificial bounds of the format, and they constantly threaten to do so but never quite manage."

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