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Readers’ Poll: 10 Best Green Day Deep Cuts

See what surprises and favorites made the list

Readers Poll, 10, Best, Green Day, Deep Cuts

We asked our readers to vote for their favorite Green Day deep cuts. Here are the results.


Last week, Green Day made a triumphant return with the fiery "Bang Bang." After a few years away and focusing on personal issues and side projects, the band returned to their punk roots for the first preview of their album Revolution Radio. Since their debut, the pop-punk luminaries have long been filled with surprises, both lyrically and sonically, unafraid to explore genres, themes and ways of relaying stories about youth, love and politics. In honor of the new music from Green Day, we asked our readers to vote for their favorite Green Day deep cuts. Here are the results.

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While "Jesus of Suburbia" felt like a bender of punk-popera, the even longer "Homecoming" felt like the crash and burn of the American Idiot hangover, wrapping up the story of the album's anti-hero who returns to the home he abandoned before diving in drug addiction and despondence in the city. The five-part, nine-minute penultimate track said good-bye to the album's antagonist St. Jimmy as the Jesus of Suburbia found inner-peace — or something like it. 

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Serving as an epilogue of sorts to American Idiot, "Whatsername" has the Jesus of Suburbia reflecting on the girl he loved and who left him as he was dragged deeper into the seedy city he escaped to. It's a gentle ending to an urgent, aggressive album, delivering the most tender self-reflection as the protagonist looks back on his youth with some distance. It's a standout, underrated moment from not only the album but Green Day's career: a simple pop song featuring a song structure that would rival Rubber Soul-era Beatles above an arena-level riff. 

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