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Readers’ Poll: 10 Bands Who Should Enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014

Your picks include Chicago, Deep Purple and the Smiths


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Few topics cause rock fans to argue like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Its most vociferous critics (such as That Metal Show host Eddie Trunk) feel it's been terribly unkind to prog and metal, while others feel that rap and pop acts like ABBA and Madonna have no place in there. Many fans would simply like to see more post-punk groups like the Smiths, Joy Division and Sonic Youth get a nod.

Last week, the long-overlooked acts Rush and Randy Newman finally entered the Hall of Fame. We asked our readers to vote for the act they'd most like to see get inducted next year. Click through to see the results. 



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3. Kiss

Kiss have repeatedly called the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a "sham," but it's hard to imagine they wouldn't show up if they were inducted. This isn't exactly a band that shies away from the spotlight. They might even agree to reunite with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss for the occasion. Kiss did make the ballot a few years ago, but they obviously didn't make it in. Alice Cooper had to wait until 2011, so maybe Kiss are just a few years away. If they do ever get in, expect a pretty spectacular performance. 

The Smiths

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2. The Smiths

Imagine the chaos that would erupt were the Smiths to ever get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It would make the Guns N' Roses situation seem like a bunch of hippies singing "Kumbaya" around a campfire. Many bands are able to put aside decades of hatred for one night, but the Smiths aren't one of those bands. Morrissey would probably write about 17 public letters about his loathing of the institution, and those will only be the ones before he learns they serve meat at the dinner. Needless to say, they deserve it more than just about any other group of the 1980s, but these are people who truly hate each other. Morrissey would rather eat a skinned elephant than share the stage with Mike Joyce ever again. Hopefully they get in soon so we can watch the beautiful drama unfold. 

Deep Purple

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1. Deep Purple

Many music fans don't know much about Deep Purple beyond "Smoke on the Water." They were always bigger overseas than in the States, but to Deep Purple fans, they are the only band that matters. Their early albums were hugely important in shaping heavy metal, and most serious metal guitarists worship at the altar of Ritchie Blackmore. Much like Yes, they've had many singers and guitarists over the years, but the classic lineup (minus Blackmore and the recently deceased Jon Lord) has been hard at work over the last 15 years. They rarely hit America but in Japan, Russia and most of Europe, they are absolutely huge. Unfortunately for them, most Rock Hall voters live in America.

They were on the ballot last year, so hopefully their moment is coming soon. Sadly, Blackmore has made it very clear that he won't attend the event. 

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