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Pop Music: The 17 Best Father’s Day Songs

From loving odes to snarling screeds, these are rock’s top songs about dads

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Rock musicians, like just about everyone else, have a range of feelings about their fathers: plenty good, some conflicted. (After all, dads are the original authority figures.) To celebrate that central relationship, we put together this list of  songs about fathers and their children. From tender odes by rock legends to sarcastic punk potshots, these selections just about cover the gamut of paternal emotions. 

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Bruce Springsteen, “Independence Day”

Bruce Springsteen's greatest gift, apart from his preternatural ability to play epic-length and uncannily high-energy concerts, is the depth of his songwriting sympathy. "Independence Day," from 1980's The River, is about the slow, inevitable rifts that form between fathers and their children and yet manages to not blame either party. It's a sad song, but also a beautiful one. 

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Cat Stevens, “Father and Son”

Cat Stevens' gorgeous folk-rock gem starts off as a wise monologue from a father to son, then shifts to the latter's perspective. It's a simple lyric, but "there's so much you have to go through" is not at all bad as a sort of stoic worldview. 

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The Temptations, “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone”

The Temptations' ominous 1972 filial lament is as funky as father-related music gets. It's also kind of a downer best reserved for deadbeat dads, who, we guess, deserve their own songs too. 

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