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Our Favorite Songs Right Now: David Bowie, Drake, Eminem and More

Also, Le Tigre’s Hillary Clinton fight song, Valerie June’s soul/country hybrid and more

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Eminem, David Bowie and Valerie June feature on the latest playlist of current Rolling Stone favorites.

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As Election Day draws near, it's no surprise that musicians everywhere are channeling their rage and passion into song. Our latest playlist of current Rolling Stone favorites features at least two Donald Trump diss tracks and one pro-Hillary anthem, alongside fresh treasures from icons both past and present.

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David Bowie, “No Plan”

The last project Bowie worked on was the musical Lazarus, based on his 1976 sci-fi movie, The Man Who Fell to Earth. "No Plan," one of three new Bowie songs from the Lazarus cast recording, is 
an eerie ode 
to floating aimlessly in 
New York, doubling as a somber farewell to the city he loved so much.

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Eminem, “Campaign Speech”

A refresher course in excessive force that goes on for eight deeply troubling minutes. Slim Shady has never sounded so unhinged, but when he lists all the fucked-up shit he's going to do to Dylann Roof, you'll want to get up and cheer.

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Drake, “Fake Love”

Drake just hit the big
 3-0 – maybe it's no surprise that the best of three new tracks he's released has a nostalgic feel, all smooth sadness and fake-friend-hating over a steel-drum glide. Happy b-day, Drizzy!

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Le Tigre, “I’m With Her”

Le Tigre's Kathleen Hanna and Hillary Clinton both hit the scene as part of the same early-Nineties feminist revolution. How poetic that Hanna has given us this killer disco-punk HRC fight song.

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Filthy Friends, “Despierta”

Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker and R.E.M.'s Peter Buck knock out some chiming guitar rattle and anti-Trump invective. "Your time is over," she sings. Let's hope theirs is just starting.

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Goon, “Dizzy”

These L.A. low-fi guitar-benders recently put out their debut EP as a "hand-assembled" cassette. But don't hold that against them: "Dizzy" is pure stoned-Weezer goodness, an image of SoCal summer painted in golden sludge.

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Valerie June, “Astral Plane”

This Tennessee-to–New York transplant blurs soul and country for a gorgeous slow-jam lullaby, riding the astral plane like it's an old rocking chair.

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