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Our Favorite Songs Right Now: Bon Iver, Miguel, White Stripes and More

Also, Chance the Rapper’s Nike ballad, Lydia Loveless’ relationship-gone-wrong kiss-off

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Hear Rolling Stone's latest playlist, featuring Swet Shop Boys, White Stripes, Bon Iver and more.

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Frank Ocean has been monopolizing the pop-music spotlight of late, but plenty of other artists are churning out quality product. Scroll down to hear Rolling Stone's latest favorites, including a Bon Iver comeback tune, an unearthed White Stripes treasure, a topical rap track featuring The Night Of Star Riz Ahmed and more.

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Lydia Loveless, “Same to You”

Tough Ohio roots rocker offers a kick-ass existential shrug from inside a brutal relationship – it's the kind of song that'll get you side-eyeing the liquor shelf at 9 a.m. 

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Public Access T.V., “In Love and Alone”

Remember when the Strokes tossed off bruised-riff bangers like cigarette butts? These NYC punks channel that glory with an extra dose of grotty guitar crunch.

playlist, rolling stone playlist

Erez Avissar

Swet Shop Boys, “T5”

Rap duo featuring Heems of Das Racist and Night Of star Riz Ahmed turn airport profiling into comedy gold: "TSA always wanna burst my bubble/Always get a random check when I rock the stubble." 

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The White Stripes, “City Lights”

Jack White is releasing a compilation of acoustic tracks from throughout his career, including this unearthed gem from the Get Behind Me Satan sessions. It's a ballad with a misty-mountain feel about romantic distance, full of dark absence and ache.

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Chance the Rapper, “Unlimited Together”

Chance wrote this gently uplifting ballad for an Olympics-themed Nike ad, proving he can make us weep even when he's selling us shoes.

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Miguel, “Cadillac”

Is anyone holding up Prince's astral freak legacy quite like Miguel? This Seventies funk jam from the soundtrack to The Get Down makes the back of his Caddy sound like an ocean of pleasure.

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