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Nick Lowe: 5 Songs My Son Loves

Veteran songwriter shouts out everyone from Louis Armstrong to Ron Sexsmith

nick lowe songs for my son

Nick Lowe discusses five songs his 12-year-old son loves, including tracks by John Holt and Shalamar.

Gary Garaialde/Getty Images

When Rolling Stone asked him to put together a playlist, veteran singer-songwriter Nick Lowe – whose 1980s records were recently reissued – selected an eclectic mixture of songs he has spun for his 12-year-old son, Roy, to expose him to different kinds of music. He commented on each of his choices, which range from Bing Crosby to Shalamar.

nick lowe songs for my son

Eddie Cochran, “Cut Across Shorty”

This sounds like a nursery rhyme with a very agreeable skiffle beat, which was an English version of rockabilly. Eddie Cochran had it all going on. 

nick lowe songs for my son

Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong, “Now You Has Jazz”

It sounds like an aural cartoon, since the
voices have so much character. Bing Crosby was able to swing in this very white
kind of way. 

nick lowe songs for my son

John Holt, “Ali Baba”

This is John’s dream of being pursued by a posse of fairy-tale characters set to a monster Studio One groove. Exquisite. 

nick lowe songs for my son

Shalamar, “A Night to Remember”

I would describe this as a fantastic 1980s floor filler. It has such a great groove and sounds so fun and clever. My son Roy got a big kick out of it.